The Matlovich Property

Sydenham River Nutrient Reduction Initiative


Matlovich Property WetlandThrough financial contributions from the Environmental Damages Fund a program within Environment and Climate Change Canada, 8 acres of native prairie and wetlands have been created.

The property is located in St. Clair Twp and is currently owned by the Matlovich family. The interior of the woodlot is comprised of 25 acres of dense, mainly young growth forest. The woodlot was logged approximately 15 years ago. Remnants of the logging still exist within the woodlot, evident by the severed trunks and stumps throughout the forest. As well, there are many dead ash trees within the forest. In the center of the woodlot are three large clearings. The clearings run East/West along the Southern fence line of the bush. Historically, these areas were very marshy and wet. This is evident by the lack of trees, and dead trees within this zone. The area is covered by a dense layer of tall grass and shrubs. Evident with the tall grass areas were several deer bedding areas.

Matlovich Property ChildrenIn 2016, three wetland cells were created through excavation. All exposed soil was planted with locally grown native tallgrass prairie. The Matlovich family are hoping to showcase the property to local naturalist groups in the spring/summer of 2017.