Our Team

Lindsay Buchanan: Private Land Manager

Born and raised in Chatham-Kent, Lindsay has an extensive understanding of the agricultural and rural environments throughout southern Ontario’s landscape. Lindsay worked as Assistant Stewardship Coordinator for RLSN and is now the Private Land Stewardship Manager for ONS. 

Lindsay is a certified, prescribed fire burn boss and has extensive training in Tallgrass prairie restoration including the Temperate Wetland Restoration Course. She also attained a diploma in Landscape design and Marketing from Humber College in 1999.

Lindsay has led several dozen wetland restoration projects throughout Lambton County and she is the primary contact for private landowners requesting land restoration and/or information on achieving sustainable land management practices.

Ph: (519) 809-5767                             Email: [email protected]

Jake Lozon: Public Land Manager

Jake was born and raised on a farm in Chatham/Kent region and currently lives in Lambton County. Jake received his Fish and Wildlife Technology Diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming in 1995. Jake joined the Rural Lambton Stewardship Network in 2005 as an Assistant Coordinator. Jake also fulfilled the role of the St. Clair River Habitat Stewardship Coordinator funded by Great Lakes Sustainability Fund for 13 years. He has been an active member on the Canadian Remedial Action Plan for the St. Clair River since 2007. Jake was also a past director with Tallgrass Ontario and is an assistant marsh manager for a 1200 acre wetland complex on Lake St. Clair with his father. Jake is currently the Public/Industrial Stewardship Land Manager for Ontario NativeScape and the Rural Lambton Stewardship Network. He has been involved in coordinating and planting over 2300 acres of land with native prairie, tree and shrubs. He has also been involved in 80+ prescribed native prairie burns throughout the province. Jake is a licensed industrial vegetation herbicide applicator and is SP100 prescribe burn certified.Jake is married and has three energetic boys!

Ph: (519) 809-5759                             Email: [email protected]

Rob Buchanan: Operations Manager

Rob graduated from Sir Sanford Fleming, Parks and Recreation program in 1988. Other  accreditations include Industrial Vegetation Exterminator, Agricultural Exterminator, SP100 Forest fire Certified 2004, RX200 Prescribed Burn Boss Certified 2006, St. John Ambulance CPR, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act Certified 2009, WHIMIS MNR 2009, and Wetland Plant Identification Course.  

Rob began working with RLSN in 2000 and immediately began managing the tallgrass prairie management program. In this role Rob was responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of the restoration projects including site preparation, seed collection and cleaning, seed mixes and seed production operation as well as overseeing the work of all habitat technicians.

Ph: (519) 809-5764                              Email: [email protected] 

Ian Cameron: Habitat Technician

Born and raised in Chatham-Kent, Ian has worked with RLSN since 2002.  Ian is a graduate of the University of Guelph and holds an Environmental Management Diploma (2007). Other accreditations include Industrial Vegetation Exterminator, St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid Certified, SP100 Forest Fire certified 2004, Recertified 2006, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act Certified 2009, WSIB Trained 2007, and WHIMIS MNR 2009.

Email: [email protected] 

Darren Rose: Habitat Technician

Darren is an experienced farmer from the Dover area who has worked with RLSN, including Ontario NativeScape for over 16 years. Accreditations include Agricultural Exterminator’s License 2009, Spray Technician Course Certified 2009, SP100 Forest Fire Certified, St. John First aid CPR Certified, WHIMIS MNR 2009, and Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act Certified 2009.